Fundraiser – Jeans with Logos

One of this year’s Relay for Life teams has come up with a great fundraising idea!  Read below to learn more about it!


Relay for Life Team Fundraising Idea: Jeans with Logos

Everyone needs a bit of help in this economy. While fundraising for Relay For Life, I’m going to help advertise the businesses that donate. This fundraising idea requires teamwork.

What the businesses get:

10 pairs of jeans will bear their logo

Worn during the 24-Hour Relay For Life

Media article(s) in the Keizer Times and on Facebook

Photoshoot at their local business

Screen printed logo on the 10 pair of jeans

Various demographics

What is needed:

Vector file of their logo OR a high resolution image of their logo

$30+ donation. Some of the funds will help pay for the screen printing

Relayers need to provide their own jeans for screen printing

You need to coordinate with me if you want to participate.

Alex James –



Q: What types of jeans?

A: Any dark blue long jeans will work. The ink being used for screen printing will be white.

Q: Why a vector file or a high resolution image of their logo?

A: I will be compiling all the logos into artwork for screen printing. Since I will be doing this, we will save money when the logos are sent to be screen printed on the jeans.

Q: What if we get 25 logos, are they all going to be crammed on the jeans?

A: I have set a limit of having 14 logos screen printed on one pair of jeans. I decided this to keep the jeans looking clean and professional. If we do exceed 14 business logos, I will create multiple sets of logos for screen printing. So, if we do get 25 business logos for screen printing, I would make two sets of logos. Every set requires 10 pairs of jeans.

Posted via email from Salem Oregon Relay for Life