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Fridge Pickles

Making fridge pickles is actually pretty easy. I made some to take to Man’s Weekend and deep fry. I added some jalapeños from our garden that I vacu-packed in the fall and doubled… Continue reading

Cowboy Candy

See the full gallery on Posterous I’ve been making fresh candied jalapeños for a little while now, and I’ve been wanting to can the jalapeños from my garden in the same way. I… Continue reading

Cowboy Candied Burger Leftovers

See the full gallery on Posterous I try not to get stuck with those crappy Costco burgers as leftovers, so when I do, I try to get creative so they don’t taste like… Continue reading

Chicago Inspired Saturday Afternoon Snack

Today the Boy and I decided to make a wee snack while spending the day watching movies on the couch.

Venti’s Gilgamesh Beer Pairing Dinner

Bacon Explosion for SRMW12

I love the BBQ Addicts ( Those guys always come up with some great stuff. Here’s some pics of their most popular recipe, The Bacon Explosion, made for Sunriver Man’s Weekend 2012.

Carnivore Support Groups — available everywhere.


Buster’s Main Street Cafe in Cottage Grove

Fantastic breakfast place in Cottage Grove.

Silver Grille Cafe and Wines

Date night always makes me feel bloated.

Unofficially… WBC is Back!

Re-opening in a new location SOON!!