Lunch at Minto Island Growers

Eaten, but not pictured: Butter lettuce w/gorgonzola and hazelnuts, Grilled 3-cheese sandwich.

Assembling My New Weber Grill

All of my handyman projects are measured in “liters and trips.” For example, installing a toilet is a 5/3 project (5 trips to Lowes, 3 liters of beer). Putting in a fence post… Continue reading

Butter Substitute for Carnivores

When you’re out of butter, you need to make do with what you got. Canola? Nah. Olive oil? Hmmm, doesn’t sound too bad. Pan spray? Nasty. Gosh, if only we had something with… Continue reading

Hola! Bend, Or

Barbecue: An Etymological Discussion

Barbecue: An Etymological Discussion ‘Tis the season of weekly mowing, preparing the garden, and BBQ (although for some of us, the BBQ season lasts 12 months of the year).  May is officially recognized as… Continue reading

New World’s hottest chili – the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

For fire eaters only: these chillies bite back Conrad Walters April 12, 2011 Chilli pickers Jarmilla Alders, left, and Linda Sartoris. A FARM in Lake Macquarie is growing what may be the world’s… Continue reading

Old Spaghetti Warehouse (the one in Salem)

Ya Hala – Lebanese Delight

Had a wonderful meal today with friends at Ya Hala in Portland.

Half-eaten Kar-na-Vor BBQ

The problem with getting pictures of good BBQ is being fast enough to do it when it’s still whole.

The Screen Door

See the full gallery on Posterous Yep. I ate a corn dog at breakfast.